Autistic Consultants Needed!

ISAW is currently seeking autistic consultants share their insights into autism and employment.  To be eligible, you must be autistic/have autism/be on the spectrum and either be currently employed, have a history of at least six months continuous employment, or have experience interviewing for jobs. Consultants will be asked questions about time management and organizational strategies and about what employers can do to support autistic employees who may have executive functioning challenges.

Consultants will be paid for their time. Interviews will be recorded and may be used in ISAW trainings. To apply, please contact Bev at or Brittany at

ISAW training now available to all

Innovative Supports for Autistic Workers is now offering training and consultation in the area of autism and employment. After working exclusively with Kentucky Career Center Business Service Teams for the past two years, ISAW is expanding to offer its trainings to Human Resource departments across the state. The trainings are flexible and can be customized to answer your specific questions. Delivered at a time and place convenient to you, there is never a cost to you for these services. Learn more about:

  • Interview techniques
  • Problem solving
  • Accommodations
  • How autistic workers can benefit your business
  • And many other topics!

Contact Bev today at to learn more about what we offer.

ISAW In-person trainings now available for all KY Business Service Teams

ISAW is now offering face to face training on autism and employment for all Business Service Teams in Kentucky. Now that you have viewed the introductory modules on this site, please schedule a training for your team by selecting a date and time here.  All you need for your training is a space large enough to accommodate your team. I will bring all needed equipment, including laptop and projector. A room with a projection screen would be ideal, but a blank white wall will suffice.

The in-person training expands on information shared in the online modules and also includes many stories of autism in the workplace and advice from our team of expert consultants. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to receive feedback on any topic related to autism and employment. Please address any questions to

I am looking forward to this opportunity to meet with you in your region.


New Modules on Navigating the Hiring Process

Too often, talented autistic job seekers are overlooked during the hiring process due to communication and social differences. Learn how you can help businesses to better support prospective employees before, during, and after the interview process by viewing modules 3 and 4 here. 

Please let us know if you found this information helpful. What questions do you have about working with businesses to support autistic job candidates? Your questions can be answered via email, or included in future modules and/or in-person trainings.

ISAW is available to meet with Business Service Teams, businesses, employees, and job seekers in your area. Please contact Bev at for consultation.


Two introductory modules posted

Two modules have been posted to the Educational Modules page. The first is an introduction to Innovative Supports for Autistic Workers and explains the need for the project along with our purpose and goals. Module 2 is a brief introduction to autism and employment issues. Here we discuss the most basic features of autism and how these might impact employment. You will also learn what to expect from the more detailed upcoming modules and from the face to face trainings. Find out how you can create your own trainings by submitting questions to ISAW.


Innovative Supports for Autistic Workers (ISAW) is a collaborative project by the  Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Kentucky Office of Autism, administered by the University of Kentucky’s Human Development Institute. The purpose of the project is to support Business Service Teams across the state in their efforts to assist employers in working with employees on the autism spectrum. The project will provide in-person trainings, online modules, and ongoing technical assistance.