Kentucky Autistic Businesses


  • TreeShine Designs – Clothing made from organic and upcycled materials in Richmond ky. TreeShine’s focus is on providing flattering and sensory friendly pieces while minimizing the impact on the earth.



  • Cody Clark Magic – Cody’s magic empowers by helping people discover and celebrate what makes them unique. Whether you’re a corporate employee, a member of the autism community, or a delighted child seeing their first magic show, Cody makes sure everybody at every show is heard.
  • Nicholas Teale – Louisville singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist proficient in a wide range of genres from rock, pop, and metal to jazz, folk, classical, and Middle Eastern.


  • The Hall Connection, PLLC – We offer a broad array of cannabis services geared to address illnesses and injuries. Our team will guide you through your options to make sure that you are comfortable with your treatment plan.


  • The Focus Fidget – The Focus Fidget is a multi-functional, multi-sensory fidget tool, invented by a student with Autism & ADHD, that supports movement, focus, and relaxation.

Visual Art

  • Chimel Ford – Louisville, KY artist who likes to paint famous people, snacks, drinks, iconic logos, If you have an idea in mind, I do commissions as well.
  • Sebastian Duverge – Sebastian Duverge is an emerging Latino artist residing in Louisville, KY. His use of bold, vibrant colors are seen throughout his paper mosaics, paper weavings, and watercolor paintings. Sebastian also loves to create local ceramic gifts and greeting cards for the community. 

Worldwide Autistic owned stores


  • CrystalStarSpark – A spark of wonder in every handmade jewelry piece.
  • Doodlebethshop – Neurodivergent accessories like keychains and pins
  • Dragon Adventures Crafting – Stickers and Stuffed animals
  • Heremeow – Cute pins, stickers, buttons, and jewelry
  • Retrophiliac – Autistic Artist Margaux Wosk and I am so proud to share my creations with you and the whole world. When you support me, you’re supporting all my creative endeavors and helping me live my dreams.
  • The Heathersmith crafts – fanciful and unique jewelry including ear cuffs and Elf earrings
  • SpacerobotStudio – Neurodiversity, Creativity, & Alternative Communication
  • UnDead Unicorn – Everybody is different. Our experiences & stories shape our individuality & style. Express your uniqueness with one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry pieces. Embrace your quirks.


  • Cattydragons – the studio of Andy Dreisewerd, who sells prints and original paintings of dragons and other mythical humanoids and creatures, on T-shirts as well as paper
  • ClofiArt – Janet is a visual artist who is both ADHD and autistic. She uses her art to explore and express her neurodivergence. Janet’s work is vibrant and colorful, full of energy and movement. It reflects her own inner world, and invites viewers to see the world in a new way.
  • Foine Art – Digital portraits and handmade creations
  • Gayle Fitzpatrick – Drawing and painting is how Gayleloses and finds herself. For her, making paper is a dance of movement, watercolor, and texture. Gayle loves what she does!
  • Jane’s Prints – Jane Strauss is a photographer who sells both art photography prints and cards, mugs, and other items with her original photos on them.
  • LoulajutesArt – Art and handmade journals
  • This Neurodivergent Life – I am a late-diagnosed autistic and ADHD artist and parent. I’ve led a unique life and have an interesting perspective. Welcome!
  • Waterside Impressions – If you’re someone who’s mesmerized by bodies of water, or picks up pretty rocks on nature walks, I hope you’ll stick around and browse my shop in the same way. Message me here or on Instagram @waterside.impressions to inquire about custom orders; I love doing them! Additional print options available at


  • April Marie Mai’s Shop – Autistic pride shirts designed by April
  • Ausome Doodles Shop – Autistic positive clothing and accessories
  • Autie and spoon – Positive Autism clothing w/ no cheese
  • Autistic AF Apparel – I am excited to offer the official AutisticAF collection! In our store our fabrics are soft and our tags tear away! The designs at AutisticAF are specifically designed by me for the neurodivergent individual who is full of respect for themselves but also appreciates a dash of humor and a fistful of pride. Why? Because Representation Matters. Simple as that.
  • BugziesCrochet – Crochet Creations
  • Edward Teach Apparel – Neurodivergent shirts, stickers, and more
  • Fromtheart bespoke designs – Fun clothing designs
  • Neuro creative – Neurodiversity, Mental Health & LGBTQ+ Gifts & Clothing
  • Sky and Earth Tees – Cute Autism Acceptance T-Shirts
  • Unofficial Gallifrey  – is a Zazzle store specializing in neurodiversity, social justice, otherkin things, and, of course, anything related to Gallifrey.


  • Fan Mom Studio –  I’m a nerdy, multi-fandom mom trying to spread the love of my favorite things.
  • Jennys Stuff And Such – Soap, ornaments, and earrings
  • Lightbringer Designs – Nothing grabs more attention than a wax seal as soon as people open their mailbox. Most people have only seen one before on TV, on a letter from a king. Everybody wants to touch it, so you’re engaging more senses to make strong memories!
  • Mandylandfun – Welcome to Mandylandfun, where repurposing and upcycling is my way of life!! Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have. I hope you find something fun and carefree that you will love to wear, gift, or to just have!! Best wishes in you search!!


  • Poppin Joes Kettle Korn – We’ve been poppin’ since 2005 and have learned the gourmet Kettle Korn flavors our customers love best. We use only the finest quality ingredients to ensure you receive the best tasting Kettle Korn available, and all of our products are popped and shipped fresh!

Stim Toys

  • All Things Sensory – Handmade stim toys and sensory items
  • A sense of self – Handmade sensory items
  • Chewiegem – Chewable jewelry
  • FabulousFidgets – Affordable, Handmade Fidget Toys and Jewelry
  • Kaiko Fidgets – Australia-based fidget company founded by autistic 11-year-old Kai. The Kaiko range of discreet and noiseless fidgets is for both adults & kids to assist with mental health, anxiety & focus.
  • KineticColorFoundry – Customizable fidgets, stims, jewelry, and accessories
  • Ruthdoodle – Custom Jewelry & Sensory Items
  • Stim Box: – Stim Box is a neurodivergent-owned fidget toy store. Our fidget boxes are curated by co-owner and popular TikToker, Stimmy Girl.


  • Autonomous Press (AKA Autpress) –  independent publisher focusing on works about disability, neurodivergence, and the various ways they can intersect with other aspects of identity and lived experience.
  • Marshall Edwards – a freelance writer and marketing consultant for creative types