Kentucky Autistic Businesses

Visual Art

  • Chimel Ford – Louisville, KY artist who likes to paint famous people snacks, drinks, iconic logo’s, If you have an idea in mind, I do commissions as well.
  • Sebastian Duverge – Sebastian Duverge is an emerging Latino artist residing in Louisville, KY. His use of bold, vibrant colors are seen throughout his paper mosaics, paper weavings, and watercolor paintings. Sebastian also loves to create local ceramic gifts and greeting cards for the community. 


Skyler Rose Sheldahl – Hats and yarn crafts


  • Cody Clark – Cody Clark Magic uses magic to inspire and delight everyone from every walk of life
  • Nicholas Teale – Musician, hyperpolyglot, and amateur baklava chef

Autistic owned stores

  • All Things Sensory by Alissa – Handmade stim toys and sensory items
  • A sense of self – Handmade sensory items
  • Ausome Doodles Shop – Autistic positive clothing and accessories
  • Autie and spoon – Positive Autism clothing w/ no cheese
  • Autonomous Press (AKA Autpress) –  independent publisher focusing on works about disability, neurodivergence, and the various ways they can intersect with other aspects of identity and lived experience.
  • BugziesCrochet – Crochet Creations
  • Buy Autistic! – Autistic owned business directory
  • Cattydragons – the studio of Andy Dreisewerd, who sells prints and original paintings of dragons and other mythical humanoids and creatures, on T shirts as well as paper
  • Chewiegem – Chewable jewelry
  • CrystalStarSpark – A spark of wonder in every handmade jewelry piece.
  • Doodlebethshop – Neurodivergent accessories like keychains and pins
  • Dragon Adventures Crafting – Stickers and Stuffed animals
  • Edward Teach Apparel – Neurodivergent shirts, stickers, and more
  • FabulousFidgets – Affordable, Handmade Fidget Toys and Jewelry
  • Gayle Fitzpatrick – Drawing and painting is how Gayleloses and finds herself. For her, making paper is a dance of movement, watercolor and texture. Gayle loves what she does!
  • The Heathersmith crafts – fanciful and unique jewelry including ear cuffs and Elf earrings
  • Jane’s Prints – Jane Strauss is a photographer who sells both art photography prints and cards, mugs, and other items with her original photos on them.
  • Kaiko Fidgets – Australia based fidget company founded by autistic 11-year-old Kai. The Kaiko range of discreet and noiseless fidgets is for both adults & kids to assist with mental health, anxiety & focus.
  • KineticColorFoundry – Customizable fidgets, stims, jewelry and accessories
  • Marshall Edwards – a freelance writer and marketing consultant for creative types
  • Neuro creative – Neurodiversity, Mental Health & LGBTQ+ Gifts & Clothing
  • Ruthdoodle – Custom Jewelry & Sensory Items
  • Sky and Earth Tees – Cute Autism Acceptance T-Shirts
  • Stim Box: – Stim Box is a neurodivergent owned fidget toy store. Our fidget boxes are curated by co-owner and popular TikToker, Stimmy Girl.
  • Stimtastic – Stimtastic is affordable stim toys, chewable jewelry and fidgets for autistic adults and teens (and kids too!). Owned by an autistic person, Stimtastic celebrates stimming as a natural part of life on the spectrum.
  • SpacerobotStudio – Neurodiversity, Creativity, & Alternative Communication
  • Unofficial Gallifrey  – is a Zazzle store specializing in neurodiversity, social justice, otherkin things, and, of course, anything related to Gallifrey.